Australia’s Destiny

by Kathryn Yaxley

Australia’s Name of Destiny
In 1606 Portuguese explorer de Quiros was the first European explorer to actually lay claim to the South Pacific region including Australia, although he never sighted it. On Pentecost Sunday, whilst at Vanuatu, he named this whole South Pacific region to the South Pole (which included the yet undiscovered Australia) “The Great South Land
of the Holy Spirit.” ‘La Australis de Espiritu Santo’ His declaration stated: “Let the heavens, the earth, the waters with all their creatures and all those here present witness that I, Captain Pedro Fernandez de Quiros…in the name of the Jesus Christ… hoist this emblem of the Holy Cross on which His person was crucified and whereon He gave His life for the ransom and remedy of all the human race…on this Day of Pentecost, 14th May 1606…I take possession of all this part of the South as far as the pole in the name of Jesus…which from now on shall be called the Great South Land of the Holy Spirit… and this always and forever… and to the end that to all natives, in all the said lands, the holy and sacred evangel may be preached zealously and openly.”
The region, not just Australia, was dedicated to the Holy Spirit, in Jesus’ name, as no other region on earth has been.
Note that it includes the South Pole. What a beautiful picture of this birthday gift of the church on Pentecost – a region dedicated to the Holy Spirit.
Pray: That the Lord would fulfil His prophetic agenda for this region on earth and ask that He would prepare you to become part of His answer to this prayer.

Prophetic Words

Smith Wigglesworth
Early in the 1900s this man of God prophesied that the last great move of the Lord would arise from Australia. There is a harvest ingathering coming to this nation which includes helping others prepare for this harvest. Australia has a key role as a place of preparation and helping others to prepare for this harvest.
Pray: That the Lord would prepare us to participate and carry His word to see it fulfilled, so Australia can be that vehicle that ushers in and helps others prepare for the Lord’s purposes in these end times.

Rick Joyner
In 2003 whilst at a conference in Melbourne Rick shared at a conference: “Australia and New Zealand are two of the most strategic nations on the earth and you don’t know it.”
Pray: That we would wake up to our part in God’s call at this time and be obedient in carrying it out.

Australia’s Strategic Role
Asking the Lord ‘How is Australia strategic?’ I received an image of a chess game underway. This chess board stretched over all the nations of the earth. At the centre of this board game was Israel. At the bottom right corner was Australia, acting as one of the corners of this game. The corner is a significant position. “He who holds the corner holds the game” is the impression I heard as I watched. Now this board has four corners which I saw named.
Bottom right – Australia
Top right – China
Bottom left – Brazil
Top left – UK
Each corner has an important and unique anchoring role over the game of chess underway. The piece on this corner square in the game of chess, the place Australia occupies, is the castle, though I saw it represented as a watchtower. I understood this has to do with observation and alertness in prayer and intercession on behalf of nations of the earth and indeed Israel. (A watchtower was placed at each of the four corners.)
In the game of chess this piece, the castle or rook, acts to defend the whole row on which is stands. In other words it anchors protection both sideways, across the bottom of the board and immediately in front of it, up the side. It has a defensive role to help clear the way. So in prayer and intercession it seems Australia has a role, as led by the Spirit, to protect and defend God’s purposes in the nations even as these link to Israel. But there is more.
Biblically watchtowers had two uses. One was on the city wall as observation posts, Is 32:14, (like Australia sits on the perimeter of the chess board, as though on the wall over the nations). The other was in the middle of a harvest field. Matt 21:33, Is 5:2. They were built to house servants whose job was to protect the ingathering of the crop from robbers at harvest time. This was to ensure the harvest came in, in fullness. In the same way this calls us to be alert watchmen and intercessors, capable of protecting the flood of souls in our own and other lands.
Pray: That many in our nation would rise up as watchmen and intercessors to protect God’s purposes over the nations of the earth including Israel. Pray that we will learn how to protect in prayer the harvest the Lord releases.

The Global Game of Chess
The chess game is a picture of the work of the Lord to establish His purposes in this day and in preparation for the return of Jesus. The game is played over nations. Certain lands hold leadership calls for this global game, some hold regional leadership calls but I saw that Australia holds both, through the grace of God and not our own merit, as a catalyst, leader and prophet.
I sensed the game of chess the Lord was showing me was actually three dimensional, like a cube but encompassing all the nations of the earth on it. It reminded me of the dimensions of the New Jerusalem mentioned in Revelation which is also a cube. Rev 21:16.
Australia acts as one corner of several facets of the cube in this three dimensional game and so has a tremendously strategic place in terms of her influence and destiny on the earth.

Leadership and Partnership with Israel
This huge call and influence from the Lord regarding Australia’s destiny shows in another vision the Lord gave me of a Bishop’s Throne. The vision came in two parts.
Australia South Africa
etc O O
Institutional Citadel of O O
Church God O O
Bishop’s Chair
1. Jesus, Chief Overseer
Heavenly Realm
2. Then the presence of Jesus moved to earth to set His people free
For the first part, I was in heaven standing before a Bishop’s Chair or Throne. It was the kind of chair you could find in an Anglican Cathedral: an A framed wooden chair, high backed with upholstery on the back of it, richly and gloriously embroidered in gold and white material. I knew it was the Chief Overseer’s seat, the chair of Jesus, as He oversaw His Church on the earth. My attention was particularly drawn to a row of gold studs that ran the entire edge of the chair back, joining the upholstery to the wood. These were regularly spaced and all were there. To my surprise upon a closer examination I saw they represented in fact NATIONS. Each was in its place and position around the back of the chair. None was out of place. This was a revelation to me that Jesus, as Chief Overseer of His Church, rules over the nations of the earth.
The Lord allowed me to see some of the order of the nations in that Chair. This was for prayer and I share this for your prayers too. Bear in mind the vision is about position and order not value (all were immeasurably valuable). Israel was the nation at the apex of the chair: Israel in her fulfillment of her destiny in the Lord. However, she needed help into this place. There were two nations represented as studs either side of her with a bridesmaid call on them, to help Israel into her destiny in our Lord; to come to know Jesus as her Messiah. These are weighty and mighty calls. Until these nations rose to their place in helping Israel into hers then EVERY NATION UNDERNEATH was unable to fully reach their destiny either, in the context of the chair.
When looking at the chair front on, on the left, the first bridesmaid nation down from Israel was AUSTRALIA. The bridesmaid nation on the right hand side was SOUTH AFRICA. As you sit in the chair Australia is actually on the right hand side, which is the seat of authority. When these two leader nations rose up and took their place to assist Israel into position then their movement helped every other nation underneath move into their place as well.
Pray: For open ears and hearts among Australians so people will rise up to pray for Israel to see God’s purposes fulfilled for these people. Pray that we understand what the Lord means in calling us to be a bridesmaid nation to Israel. Ask that we will fulfill this call. What does the Lord speak to you about this?
There was another part to this vision. As I looked at the throne I moved back in the heavenly realm and my perspective changed to see a wider view. I seemed to be looking over our nation. The presence of Jesus was before me represented by His Shepherd’s crook. I saw His presence move to earth, moving to the institutional church in our land to free people. Some presently shot out as it were under pressure but these freed ones wandered around for a
Aussie Flag
while lost, looking for someone to lead them just like they had known previously. However, the Lord in His mercy let them look until almost accidentally I saw one stumble on the foot of Mount Zion, the presence of the Lord.
Suddenly faith strengthened and the presence of the Lord Himself called and led them up Mt Zion to God’s glorious presence. They moved up the mountain to the Lord’s presence as they linked hands, one individual helping another, (Indian file) and coming up the mountain that way. Directly below them, but rising in time with their ascent up Mount Zion I saw our nation’s flag. The state of our nation was directly linked to the holiness of God’s own people. When these people came to the citadel of the Lord at the top the standard could rise no further. The people of the Lord proceeded deeper into the Lord’s presence. The vision broke off when people ascended onto the citadel.
There are three key aspects of Australia’s destiny highlighted in this vision:
1. To act as a bridesmaid nation to Israel. (Helping her prepare to meet her Groom, protecting her in prayer.)
2. Releasing other nations (half the nations on the chair) into their destiny and position. (Servant leadership and an intercessory role.)
3. As God’s people we are called to seek the presence of the Lord, to pursue Him above all, in order to effect change in our own land.
Pray: That God will prepare us to fulfil these calls to Israel, to the nations and to our own land by placing Him on the highest place in our hearts and being willing to seek His presence.
History of Links between Israel and Australia/NZ
History supports this word of the Lord, and Australia’s catalytic role especially in regard to Israel. Let’s look briefly at Australia’s historical links to help Israel into her place and protect her. There are three significant links.
World War I
In 1917 on October 31st the Charge of the Lighthorse occurred when 800 Aussies recklessly charged across the barren plains of Palestine, then in Muslim hands (and had been for 1,000 years) toward Beersheva. The Brits had tried everything to break the Turkish line but could not. The Aussies suggested a charge on horseback directly into the face of large Turkish guns to break the stronghold on this town and gain a foothold to move further to open up Palestine. The charge commenced at dusk and the parched horses smelt the water in the wells at Beersheva and took off. They moved so fast that the line of Aussies passed almost unscathed under the guns whose sights could not be lowered quickly enough and town and wells were successfully taken. It was God’s time. On that same day in October 31st in London a meeting of the British War Cabinet signed what was to become known as the Balfour Declaration which promised the nation of Israel its own land (which came to pass in 1948)! You can see the divine plan unfolding. That day was also the 400th anniversary of the beginning of the Reformation. By December the troops had ridden into Jerusalem and liberated it.
World War II
The Battle of Tobruk in Lybia, North Africa, is famous as the very first defeat of the Nazis and their allies in World War II. The soldiers, which included ANZACS, known as the Rats of Tobruk, famously halted the rushing human tide of troops heading toward Palestine. Once again, Aussies had been used to help protect the land of Israel.
Second Gulf War
More recently, the role of Aussies in protecting Israel is demonstrated at the onset of this Gulf War. Prior to moving against Iraq, the Americans knew they would need to disable the missiles aimed at Israel or risk an attack on Israel. When the Israelis were asked who they would like to disable the missiles they answered – ‘the Australians.’ SAS troops were given the task. Israel knows the key role Australians have played in opening up their land and in its protection. They know and honour us, even though many of us are ignorant of this part of our destiny.
Pray: Can you hear the wind of God’s Holy Spirit calling you to seek Him for your part in the destiny of this Great Southland of the Holy Spirit? Pray that we continue to be God’s agents on behalf of the Jewish nation and her people.

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