From Uluru to Jerusalem. From Repentance to Covenant. Welcome the King of Glory 2023

by Debra Morris

SEE: “It is Time” by Grace Alnon
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In March this year a group of Tribal elders and leaders recognised God is calling the Aboriginal people back to Himself. This is not a new thing and yet we knew it was time to return.

We gathered at Tongala, in Victoria, and a call was released to bring Aboriginal reconciliation ministry – a call to be reconciled back to God, to His ways and His patterns. This call was taken out by the elders to Aboriginal communities across the land and things moved across the land. Our ancestors have committed idolatry against God. It is time to turn back.

The National Light Horse Memorial at Tongala represents for us our Aboriginal light horsemen who charged at the Battle of Semakh in 1918. Just as they charged to break the back of Islam, we recognised this is a spiritual charge to break the back of idolatry in our land. Repent! Repent!

Private Lingwoodock was involved in the Battle of Beersheba Source: Australian War Memorial

In the Northern Territory of Australia God called the Yolngu women to wail in repentance through Daniel 9:3-19 (as in Jeremiah 9:17-24). And He gathered us at the Forgiveness Cross at Haast Bluff.

The elders heard, “The sins of our Aboriginal ancestors and bloodlines must be dealt with in this land. Call a Solemn Assembly – Leviticus 25:8-13. Blow the Shofar on Yom Kippur, and declare, ‘Freedom to ALL the inhabitants of the land! This is a Jubilee year for the covenant people!’” Aboriginal elders and leaders from across Australia gathered at Uluru (Ayers Rock) from September 22-25 in deep repentance. Every aspect of God’s call was fulfilled.

Now the charge goes on to Israel – two lands, One Kingdom. Our Messianic brothers in Israel invited covenant people of the land from across the Pacific and the world to come to Jerusalem this October 11-13 to re-covenant the land back to the God of Israel. It is time to return to Him!

NOTE: The gathering in Jerusalem has proceeded, despite Israel being under attack! Our Australian Covenant People of the Land have led the charge under fire!
Please join us in prayer and support for the national teams, the Messianic leaders and pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and God’s will for Israel and the Middle East.

Messianic Covenant through Yeshua (Jesus)

On the 11 October 2023 Messianic leaders officially acknowledged their New Covenant with God through Yeshua for the first time since the Early Church.

Don’t Miss the extraordinary covenant statement signed by Messianic believers on 11 October 2023.

Nations to Covenant with God in Jerusalem in 2023

Nations from the Pacific and around the world have covenanted with the God of Israel. A copy of this covenant is available.

In 2023 the nations covenanting with God include: Solomon Islands, Australia, New Zealand (Aotearoa), Papua New Guinea, Papua New Beginning (West Papua), Bougainville (Autonomous Region), Fiji, Cook Islands, Vanuatu, Tahiti (Niamatai) – French Polynesia, Raiatea (Raromatai) – French Polynesia, Tuamotu – French Polynesia, Marquesas (Henua e nana) – French Polynesia, Australes (Tuhaa pae) – French Polynesia, New Caledonia, Hawaii, Tokelau, Wallis Futuna, American Samoa, Samoa, Singapore, Taiwan, Germany, Romania, Finland, South Africa. More nations are preparing to covenant in the future.

New Identity

Australia’s representatives at the Welcome the King of Glory gathering in Israel are carrying in our hearts the repentance of our people from the Solemn Assembly at Uluru. A new identity came from the ‘men’s business’ with God at Uluru, so we say with strong conviction:

We are the ecclesia of God!

We carry unity and governmental authority.

We WILL covenant our land back to the God of Israel, the only true living God!

We will bring change to this land!

We will do in the Spirit, what our light horse soldiers did in the land of Israel, we will break the back of the enemy in this land!

We are crossing over… back to our God and to His land!

We will go to meet Him as our King in Jerusalem and He will be established in His Sovereign position in this land!

The Elders are charging to Jerusalem, but we are all in it together. We go to establish YHVH in His place in this land. As the ecclesia we are preparing to receive Yahshua as King!
Take your position in repentance. It is time!

Painting: Travelling the Ancient Land by Safina Stewart

The Covenant People of the Land from Australia

Despite Israel being in war, our team of 12 Aboriginal/Torres Strait elders, leaders and pastors charged into Israel as Australian representatives. We carried signed from covenants from many, many other Australian tribes. Tribal elder Richard Evans signed the covenant on behalf of Australia with Ps Robert Knight as his witness. As you can see in the You-tube video below, our representatives spoke toward the end of the first day with humility, self-depreciating humour and profound truth, as sons of our Father.

Richard Evans & Ps Robert Knight
Richard Evans

PLEASE PRAY AND SUPPORT our Australian team and associates in Israel.
At this stage they are still in Israel and needing our prayers & financial support.
You can support our First Nations team with contributions to: Debra Morris ANZ Bank BSB 013711 Acc 642087291

Australian Delegate Names, Places & Tribes

Richard Evans
Leonora, WA (Desert Country)           
Kuwarra, Tjalkadjara Tribe

Sandra Evans
Leonora, WA (Desert Country)        
Mandjindja Spinifex people, Great Victoria Desert

Pastor Darren Gore          
Halls Creek Community, WA
Jaru, Miriuwung Gajerrong, Malngin, Wilungu (Kimberley Region)

Miranda Gore
Halls Creek Community WA
Jaru, Bard, Jawi, Bunuba, Walmajarri, Gurindji, Djugun, Walmajarri, Malngin

Pastor Gary Clancy
Looma Community (Kimberley Region)
Juwaliny and Mangala Tribes

Kelly Clancy
Looma Community (Kimberley Region) WA
Nyikina Tribe

Pastor Robert Knight
Bourke, NSW
Gurnu, Baakandji Tribe, Kunya, Budjiti

Pastor Lindsay Roberts
Casino, NSW
Bundjulang Nation; Widjabel Tribe

Lloyd Hollingsworth
Yarrabah, Cape York, Brisbane QLD
Girramay, Kaantju, Kukuya’u Tribe

Anderson Barlang Ritarngu George
Beswick Community, NT
Wagilak Tribe

Pastor Sharon Lowah
Alice Springs, NT
Arrernte, Luntja, Pitjantjatjara Yankatjara (SA), Nguangatjara (NT) Miriam Mer – Murray Island, Moa Is, St Paul, Solomon Islands

Debra Harding-Morris
Lismore, VIC
Yowong-Illam-Baluk, Nattara  Baluk clans of Taungwurrung people/tribe  

Also non-Indigenous team members:
David Morris Vic
Cheryl Nevin Qld

Also please pray for our associates who are still in Israel:

Aranka Kovacc from Vic who is nannying for Micha’el & Ashley BenDavid

Glenn & Coralie Rowbotham from Vic who are at Elohim House of Prayer on Mt Carmel

Solomon Islands Delegates

Also available at

1. Welcome the King of Glory Gathering 2023 Day 1 3:30:51mins

2. Welcome the King of Glory Gathering 2023 Day 2 Part 1
Please listen to the 3 step prayer strategy offered by Asher Intrater.
The covenanting with God positions us to:

i) Revelation 12:1-2 To pray we unify as the One Complete & Bride of Messiah to birth what He is doing and stand to reign with Christ as His Body.

ii) Revelation 12: 3,4,7 To pray that we overcome divisions and humble and forgive, so we can be unified in the Body of Christ – in the Blood of the Lamb – so we can stand against these murderous spirits and win the heavenly battle. Pray the war ends quickly – to minimise casualties. We are a Palestinian Liberation Army – setting the Palestinians free from the dragon principality. Pray to recruit and release angels from all the earth to strengthen Archangel Michael and the heavenly army to fight against the principality of the dragon operating through Hamas for people on both sides to be released. Pray to protect the earthly sons and daughters in the battle. Pray Life is released over Arabs and Jews – and all.

iii) Revelation 12:10-11 Pray that having unified and won the war, we see salvation and revival across Islamic nations and all the earth. Arabs are sick of war and 80% of Palestinians do not want Hamas. They are responding to the gospel.

3. Welcome the King of Glory Gathering 2023 Day 2 Part 2

Impact of Rejecting our Messiah


Welcome the King of Glory

WHY YOUR NATION SHOULD MAKE A COVENANT WITH THE GOD OF ISRAEL IN JERUSALEM OCTOBER 2023 by Milo Siilata, Pacific Coordinator, All Pacific Arise Email:milo@pacificarise.comtext

Milo Siilata brought this invitation to a significant group of Australian leaders on 22nd February 2023.Within days, the Lord confirmed this invitation by leading us to teaching by Dean Briggs from IHOP Kansas City. Dean was on a tour of Australian cities at this time, in preparation for the World Prayer Assembly.

First Nation Leaders Repent of Ancestral Sin and Covenant the Land of Australia to God.

Legislating in the Divine Council by Dean Briggs
provides significant background on how critical this is for this time in the world.

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