Christian Values Checklist: Vic Election 29 Nov

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Download: Christian Values Checklist Vic Election 29 Nov

The Christian Values Checklist deals with the moral and ethical issues that are rarely, if ever, discussed publicly in an election campaign but which are important issues that affect the very foundation of our society. More information about the political parties can be obtained from the party websites and policy pages.

Short Summary of ‘Supporting Statements’ 

1 Support the opening of parliament with Christian prayer.
The Australian Greens oppose the opening of parliament with Christian prayers.
3 Oppose re-introduction of ‘inherent requirement’ religious employment test. Labor has promised to re-introduce an equal opportunity law that would prevent Christian schools and organisations from choosing to employ Christians – removing exemptions relating to religion, sexual orientation and marital status for Christian groups unless they can prove it is an ‘inherent requirement’. The Coalition repealed the law after the last election. AC, DLP, RUAP & FF all oppose the law.
4 Protect vulnerable people – Euthanasia to remain illegal
Euthanasia bills are a conscience vote. A euthanasia bill was defeated by the Legislative Council in November 2008. The vote of those opposed to euthanasia: ALP 70.6%, Liberals 71%, DLP 100%, Greens 0%.
5 Repeal the Abortion Law Reform Act
The Abortion Law Reform Act was proposed by Labor and supported by the Greens. In a conscience vote, the 2008 vote against the Bill (both Houses) was: ALP 21%, Liberal 72%, Nationals 78%, Greens 0%, DLP 100%. Regarding REPEAL of the abortion law, Labor and the Greens would deinitely not support repeal. AC, DLP, RUAP & F F all support repeal. Liberal Premier Denis Napthine has said the Coalition won’t make changes to the law.
6. Restore freedom of conscience for doctors and nurses concerning abortion
The Abortion law requires doctors to refer a woman to someone they know will perform an abortion – this still violates their conscience.
7 Protect Marriage – reject state-based same-sex ‘marriage’
During the last parliament, the Greens introduced a same-sex ‘marriage’ Bill. Laborpolicy is to support same-sex ‘marriage’ at the federal level. The Coalition, AC, DLP, RUAP & FF all oppose same-sex ‘marriage’.
8 Oppose the adoption of children by same sex couples
In their policy platform, Labor commits to ‘remove discrimination’ so that same-sex couples can adopt children. The Greens also support adoption by homosexual couples. AC, DLP, RUAP & FF all oppose adoption by homosexual couples. Liberal Premier Denis Napthine has asked a local MP to collate research on homosexual adoption.
9 Reject compulsory pro-homosexual ‘Safe Schools Coalition’ program
Labor has committed to make it compulsory for ALL state secondary schools to run the ‘Safe Schools Coalition’ program, which promotes the acceptance of homosexuality. Making the program ‘compulsory’ is supported by the Greens – but opposed by ALL the other parties on the Checklist.

10 Support repeal of same-sex/de facto ‘Relationship Register’
AC, DLP, RUAP & FF all support repeal of this law. Labor and Greens fully support
‘Relationship Registers’. Labor has promised to extend the scheme so that only one of the
couple must have a connection to Victoria, and to recognise relationships formed under
‘equivalent laws’ interstate or overseas.
11 Support a reduction in the number of gaming machines
The Greens oppose pokies & want restrictions on gaming. AC, DLP , RUAP & FF do also.
Labor has no commitment to reduce pokie numbers. In 2006 the Coalition pledged to
cut pokie numbers by 5000, but the number has not been reduced.
12 Retain criminal penalties for all illicit drug use
The Greens support the removal of criminal penalties for drug use . Labor speaks about
‘health issues’. The Coalition, AC, DLP, RUAP & FF don’t want penalties removed.
13 Increase funding and support for drug harm prevention and abstinence programs
In the past most funding has gone to harm ‘minimisation’ programs.
14 Oppose the growing of cannabis plants for ‘medical marijuana’
With recent discussions about a ‘trial’ for ‘medical marijuana’, Labor talked of growing
plants. Liberals asked an expert advisory group to recommend a strategy but ‘didn’t
reject’ growing plants. The Greens support marijuana. AC, DLP, RUAP & FF all oppose
the growing of cannabis plants.
15 Protect free speech – oppose homosexual ‘viliication’ laws
The Greens support vilification laws – Labor commits to “develop a comprehensive plan to
eliminate homophobia”. The Coalition, AC, DLP, RUAP & FF oppose viliication laws.
16 Support the repeal of the religious viliication legislation
In 2006, all parties excep t Labo r supported repeal. Labor is fully supportive of the
religious viliication law. The Coalition didn’t amend or repeal the law after gaining
17 Support the repeal of the ‘Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities’
This was passed by L a bo r and promoted by the Greens. AC, DLP, RUAP & FF all oppose
such laws. The Coalition voted against the initial law – but hasn’t repealed it.
18 Reduce street prostitution – Increase penalties for those who use prostitutes
A law was passed in August 2010 giving police power to ban kerb crawlers for 72
hours and issue a ine of $238 if they re-enter the area. Increased penalties are needed to
ensure street prostitution is abolished.
19 Give local Councils the right to refuse brothels and gaming venues
Labor did not act on this – neither did the Coalition when in power. Local Councils
cannot make decisions based on moral grounds or community interest.
20 Government to direct police to enforce existing ban on X-rated pornography
The states all ban the sale, hire and display X-rated pornography, However, the government needs to direct the police to enforce the ban more effectively.
21 Support Internet filtering in all libraries and ‘free Wi-Fi’ venues
A lot has been said about the need to filter the internet at public libraries – but the major
parties have failed to act.

Political party websites and policies 

A C W e b : Policies – see ‘Policies’ tab
D L P W e b : Policies:
RUAP Web: Policies – see ‘Policies’ tab
Family First Web: a u / Policies – see ‘Party Policies’ tab
Liberal Web/Policy:
Nationals Web: P l a n –
Labor Web: P l a t f o r m – uploads/2014/05/Victorian-Labor-
Platform-2014.pdf Greens Website:
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