Divine Appointments with Taxi Drivers


Molly Joshi from Toowoomba came to Sydney for the Aus-NZ-Pacific 24/7 Prayer leaders’ Summit in Sydney 2 Junea 2014  

I had divine appointments of God with Cab drivers coming  in and leaving Sydney.

 The driver who brought me form the airport asked me what I was coming from and I said, a prayer meeting. Without knowing we had come to focus on building 24/7 Houses of Prayer he said, ” We need prayer for us 24/7!” 

The man who took me to the airport on the day of departure asked if I had been in the city for a meeting. I replied,” Yes.”


He went further to ask what kind of meeting. I replied that I had been at a prayer meeting . He enquired if I was a Priest. To which I said no but I was a woman who prayed.


At this juncture we were at a traffic light and the car came to a still .He then put his hands above his head and cried out ,”Please please pray for me. My life is a mess! Please can you pray for me right now !!!.”


I felt a tug in my heart and I said ,” Yes I will pray for you right now and prayed a prayer that was spirit led with prophetic intercession. After the prayer he commented that it was a beautiful prayer. I was curious and


Asked him if he was a Christian. He said when he was a child he was a Christian but having come to Sydney he had no religion and then went on to say, but I want Jesus now!!!. I told him if he confessed his sins and asked JESUS


To come into his heart God would change his life. I told him that he could say the sinners prayer right then. He was so excited  went right ahead and started praying and confessing. I helped him along the way and he received Jesus Christ as his personal saviour!!!


I went to share with him that Jesus is now alive and is sitting with the Father in heaven but he has sent HIS HOLY SPIRIT to be with him right in the cab!!! Then he asked me the most pertinent question,” WHO IS THE HOLY


SPIRIT?”  .  Tears welled in my eyes. I Told him that Jesus has sent the Holy Spirit to comfort him , guide him , teach him and be his helper on the earth! He was very excited now and asked that if whenever he was in trouble


could he talk to the Holy Spirit? I replied that he could always talk to the Holy spirit. I asked him if he would like prayer for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. He was very excited and I prayed for a powerful Baptism of spirit and fire


and  water for him.  I asked him if he ever went to church. In his broken English he said he’d been to Presbyterian church and looked at me and asked,” Are you Pentecost? Meaning Pentecostal !!! I affirmed that .


I went on to ask him if he had a Bible. He said he had one somewhere in the house . I asked him if he had ever read the Bible . He said ,” I  have never read the Bible.” I encouraged him to read the Bible as it was the way God would speak to him.  If I need protection can I read Bible? he asked. I said yes you could read Psalm 91. I had to spell out PSALM as he had never heard of it before.


As we got near to the kerb of the drop off zone for cabs at the airport, he remarked,” I know God brought you into my taxi today!!!


I was in a state of shock of delirious joy , humbled and speechless at what the Lord had just done.


The Lord reminded me of the “KEY” that was given as a prophetic impartation to all the delegates who attended the Prayer Summit.




Expect great things from our God! Believing with you this PENTACOST FOR HIS MIGHTY POWER TO BE RELEASED.


Capture By His Love


Molly Joshi


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