Lana Vawser June 23, 2015

“Tell of His glory among the nations, His wonderful deeds among all the peoples.” – 1 Chronicles 16:24

“For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD as the waters cover the sea.” – Habakkuk 2:14

I had a vision recently where I saw the fire of God being ushered in by the prayers of His people for revival to come to Australia, for His Glory to be seen and for His Kingdom to be established in greater ways.

As the people of God prayed, contended and cried out I saw the fire of God falling upon the seven mountains of culture in Australia. (Religion, Education, Family, Government, Media, Art/Entertainment, Business).

As the fire of God was falling upon these mountains, it was setting the seven mountains of culture ALIGHT with the fire of God. I felt the encouragement of the Lord for His people to keep their eyes on the “vision of heaven” and His heart for Australia and what He is wanting to do and release in the nation. Despite what happens and what we see in the natural to not be swayed, but continue to declare and call forth what the Lord is speaking into nation.

As I looked closer at these mountains, I saw that the fire was falling onto these mountains and setting them on fire as two things happened in the body of Christ. As His people PRAYED, and as His people WENT.

Our prayers for this beautiful nation are not in vain and they have been heard and not ignored. We as Australians are moving into the greatest moves of the Holy Spirit in this land, and we are given the glorious invitation from Him to partner with heaven coming to earth in this land.

I saw Australia like a volcano and it was building more and more and more pressure as the people of God prayed. It was a volcano of love. A volcano of different manifestations of His love displayed through these seven mountains that was going to send a revival of love into each one. There has been momentum building more and more in the Spirit to see the greatest move of LOVE across this nation that has been yet seen. It will break the orphan spirit, it will break the tall poppy syndrome (a perceived tendency to discredit or disparage those who have achieved notable wealth or prominence in public life. – definition taken from, it will restore honour to this land. The heart of this land will be healed. The indigenous will be restored and given recompense as the Spirit of God moves throughout the lands.

I heard the words “Australia will be healed from the inside out.” The Lord is going to the heart of the nation, and His fire is purging, it is refining, it is burning and bringing forth healing across the land in preparation for the greatest move of His Spirit in Australia.

Australia will birth a great move of His Spirit that will explode in the nations and IT IS TIME!!!!!! Australia shall be known as the nation of love, the nation of honour, the nation bursting at the seams with the revelation of Papa God’s LOVE and GOODNESS.


In this vision I heard the words “ENCOUNTERS FOR THE MOUNTAINS” and felt the Lord is bringing many of His people into DEEP encounters for the mountains, as they press in, in prayer and cry out on behalf of this nation in repentance and expectation. These encounters are going to release Kingdom keys to see these mountains unlocked and set on fire in greater ways.

As these encounters were happening for the people of God, media, arts, education, business, religion, family were beginning to be unlocked for great breakthrough. The areas where people said that there would never be change, was coming some of the greatest change displaying His Glory and power to the nation.

I then saw the whole nation of Australia and as these encounters were taking place I noticed that there were seven keys that were released to cities in Australia.

I saw keys released to:

* Adelaide
* Brisbane
* Darwin
* Hobart
* Sydney & Canberra
* Perth
* Melbourne

As these keys were released I saw that as the people in this city pressed in for the seven mountains of culture that the Lord would release SPECIFIC BLUEPRINTS all across these cities for one of these mountains of influence/culture. The Lord is wanting to bring change to the nation of Australia, and as I wondered why there were specific keys given to each one of these cities, I then sensed the Lord saying “UNITY”. The Lord is bringing His people in Australia together in great unity. As the cities of Australia are beginning to be brought together in deeper and greater ways, there is a DEEP unity taking place in the body of Christ across this beautiful nation as they work together to see His Kingdom established and these seven mountains taken. I saw LOTS of crossover happening between these cities. People going back and forward in ministry opportunities and divine exchanges taking place that was bringing Australia closer and closer to her time of revival and revealing.

I saw Sydney and Canberra tied together in a DEEP partnership sharing one HUGE key of breakthrough for one of these mountains of influence/culture. That through Sydney and Canberra joining hands in prayer gatherings, church events, and other new opportunities for the body of Christ to work together that there would be a HUGE breakthrough in the government of Australia and culture shift.

I then saw an 8th key but this key was SO huge and it was over the entire nation of Australia. I asked the Lord what this key was and He said “INTIMACY”. The greatest move of God in this nation is going to be birthed through His people as they press deeper into INTIMACY with Him.

I also saw a DEEPER LEVEL of intimacy being entered into across the Body of Christ in Australia as we press in. We as His people, going to depths we have never gone. Receiving revelation we have never had. Seeing things we have never seen. Knowing Him like we have never known Him before and OUT OF that deep intimacy with Him, would we know the Father, His love and goodness like we have never known before. The eyes of His Bride in Australia are being opened wider to the goodness and love of Papa God. His Bride in Australia is awakening as she presses in.

There is a new beginning over Australia, and powerful moves of God are going to be seen in Australia through His people who know DEEP intimacy with the Father. KNOW the heart of God and His love and release it into the nation.

God wants the seven mountains to be taken!!!! Taken for His Glory and drenched in His love. It’s time to keep praying, keep contending and keep “going” where the Lord says to go, for radical doors of favour are going to open in these seven mountains releasing the people of God into them to bring RADICAL CHANGE. Revival will break out in and through the seven mountains of Australia, salvations, healings, miracles, signs, wonders, atmospheric shifts as we, the people of God, press in and contend to see His Glory descend.

I have been feeling all of this year that it is time for Australia to take her place and I believe the Lord is releasing keys to breakthrough for this nation. Keep pressing in, for Australia’s best days are ahead!

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