Report on PIPES Retreat 4-16 June 2018

Rest in the love of your Father…

so you can arise as assured, aligned, assigned apostolic ‘sons’ and ‘fathers’
– equipped to battle for His lost ‘children’.

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Retreat Report


How special is it to be in one Spirit – one in the Body of Christ!

What did God do?

 Thank you to all who came and contributed so richly. We were delighted to hear the individual stories of how Father touched you – and we were very aware that we were interceding on behalf of others – the Church and those our Father loves on the Prayer Wall and our Prayer Maps, in communities across Australia and the nations. We learned the power of God’s anointing released by creating a Prayer Wall of our loved ones and of praying for each other’s precious ones. We met our neighbours on the Prayer Maps – people we can continue to pray for our region with. Jacquelin’s drawing illustrated the door between darkness and light that many will escape through.

The Lord had said through several that the nation/s would be impacted by God through the retreat. We’d love to hear your discernment of what the Father was doing across our time together on Saturday when we let the Spirit lead us.

It is my sense that we came to rest our Father’s love. And as we dwelt in His presence, the Father assured us He would fight our battles for us and that we can rest in Him. It is through rest – faith, belief in our who God is, and trust- that we, as His spiritual warriors bring breakthrough (like the Lighthorsemen) and protect our nation (like Joan of Arc). Praise is a tool that increases the clarity of rest: faith, belief and trust.

As we rested in our Father’s love, our Father introduced us to His son Yeshua/Jesus as our Bridegroom. We were invited to accept His invitation to enter through the betrothal covenant into a new level of His presence – of what it means to minister to our Lord. This intimate invitation is offered to the Church and to Israel but it is also extremely personal. The Lord wants us to personally enter into the bridal chamber of His delight, into intimacy and fruitfulness. Nofoao today, brought Psalm 36:8-9 TPT, “All may drink of the anointing from the abundance of your house. All may drink their fill from the delightful springs of Eden. To know you is to experience a flowing fountain, drinking in your life, springing up to satisfy. In the light of your holiness we receive the light of revelation.” Nofoao said we will continue to see more as we press into this personally – as well as together – as we kneel in adoration to drink from the river of His delight. Warwick & I had a foretaste of Jesus’ pleasure the day before the retreat.

The warrior and bridal themes reminded us of the image used on the invitation to last year’s retreat which depicted a warrior bride. On this retreat we were perhaps -through intercession – completing this call with the very mature intercessors that the Lord had sent us in 2018. We are both the bride and the white horses from Ros’ and Julie’s visions.

How can we stay in touch?

It was wonderful to see so many connecting. We welcome you to keep ongoing relationship with us and each other. There are multiple ways to do this – depending on your preferred technology….

There’s more….

Richard Brunton, The Awesome Power of Blessing.
Purchase booklets in Australia from

Vital keys: 5 Prayerful Steps to Harvest & Transformation

Fatherheart Ministries: 

Rest in love and minister with love to our Beloved and His precious ones,
Sue Tinworth There is an encounter with the living God available to you. 


1.”Dear Sue, and PIPES leaders,

Thank you so much for all that your preparations and organisation during the retreat. It was an amazing time of fellowship and refreshment for me and I made valuable contacts. I’m amazed with how each day things would fall into place.

I will never be the same again. As one who the Lord is training in “watching”  I have come home with many deep changes in my spirit. I am much more bold, and able to see situations more clearly.

I have already had unexpected things happen for me. On Tuesday 19th June I regained my ability to play piano worship and it was amazing, I hadn’t been able to do this for so long. Thank you to Warwick for his prayer with me about grace. Just as I finished worship time, the phone rang and it was my old real-estate, ( I rented with them in 2014) the lady said they have had an audit of their finances, and they owe me money. That my bond was never returned to me when I left the unit. I remember signing the bond form, so I thought that it was repaid into my bank but I had not checked that detail. I told her “wow, this is an unexpected surprise. Thank you”.  Call finished, I jumped around crazy saying with lots of tears.

“God is so good, He is on my case to restore me and my situation”.  …He is restoring my family back to himself too. I thank you all so much for the prayer wall, I felt it was a very powerful wall. he Father’s presence was all over those precious ones. I am going to make a prayer wall for our church and for my family !

Julie got a word of knowledge about lower back pain, and I said that I did get it quite a lot so the group prayed for me. Since that time I sleep without that pain and my R. Leg and hip has strengthened also.  I’m sure it has lengthened a bit, because it feels different.

Thank you for the booklet on blessing which I gave to our pastor …I’m putting into practice. Many tears are in my eyes so I will end here with this message. and send lots of love to you all.”

2.”We both want to thank you for the beautiful & transforming oasis in the Father’s presence that you so beautifully led for us at El Kanah. How blessed were we all… we loved the blessing books you gave to us..  we have devoured them   . it refreshed our hearts… something we have practised before & God so laid it afresh on our hearts.

Your leadership was so sensitive & Holy Spirit directed  that we were led into His presence to smell the rain & drink in His love….. bless you abundantly for being His daughter in the truest sense.

Loved our worship guys… please thank them from us.. The final day when Paul led us in worship was like a sound coming from the very courts of heaven.. Heaven came down & embraced us with the song coming from the very heart of the Father … so so beautiful & refreshing


We hold an Israel prayer meeting once a month.. & pray weekly for our region here in Geelong. Hoping to begin a new home prayer meeting soon for those who wish to seek the Father for His Spirit to move  both locally & for our nation

Bless you & the team for your committed prayer into this nation… God yes is moving & will honour your hearts for His presence to come & bring life & victory

Our love to you & your team Sue…

Shalom Aleichem  & we bless you with His smile of favour & deep blessing    Maranatha!!    Come Lord Jesus! 🙏❤❤

Original Invitation 

Come and Rest
in the love of your Father…

“…the perfect Father of every father and child in heaven and on the earth.
And I pray that he would unveil within you the unlimited riches of his glory and favour until supernatural strength floods your innermost being with his divine might and explosive power.” Ephesians 3:15-16 TPT

so you can arise as assured, aligned, assigned
apostolic ‘sons’ and ‘fathers’
– equipped to battle for His lost ‘children’.

We use the terms ‘sons’ and ‘fathers’ terminology in the sense of Malachi 4:5-6,
calling old and young , male and female to turn their hearts to each other – spiritual honouring and fathering reflects our Father’s desire to bless across generations.

PIPES Retreat Brochure2018

 4pm Thursday 14 June to 4pm Saturday 16 June 2018

This is a retreat – not a conference. We retreat, hungry and thirsty for God, so we can be filled and equipped to release our Father’s love to the lost children in this generation who do not know God as Father.

We are setting ourselves apart before God in humility – to encounter his love, and hear and do what he says. There will be Spirit-led times of worship, restful waiting and listening to the Holy Spirit, as well as praying and teaching. There will be opportunities for you to process and share what stirs in your heart.

In early morning Chapel we will praise and worship our Father. In the noon day we will pause to listen and in our evening prayer times, we will intercede for  God’s children to know their Father’s love and be reconciled to Him through Jesus. Bring photocopied photos of ‘children’ you would like to post on a prayer wall for prayer & blessing.

Our  guests: Our primary guest and focus is God our Father and we welcome God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit to lead us. Come with a pure, hungry heart to seek His face and receive His blessing and righteousness and a revelation of the Father’s love. (Psalm 24) Come – open to contribute, as the Spirit of God leads you.

Our venue: We are grateful to return to El Kanah, an elegant, generously hospitable Christian facility. El Kanah, 975 Buxton-Marysville Rd. Marysville VIC

Transport: We will try to assist guests with transport from Melbourne Airport to Marysville (70 kms – 1.5 hrs). If you need lifts let us know and arrive in time for pick up by 2.00pm on Thursday 14 June. We suggest you arrange return flights after 7pm on Saturday. If you need a lift from Melbourne let us know. If you are a local person or an interstate visitor who is hiring a car and can pick up others – please send us the time you are leaving the airport and the number of seats available in your car. Contact: Karen Wilson

Packing, Arrival & Departure: Please pack very warm clothes, torch, walking gear etc. Bring your Bible, journal, photocopied photos of those you will pray for, prophetic words over your life or your children’s lives, art work, musical instruments, rugs, cushions etc.

Plan to arrive at El Kanah from 4pm to get settled before our commencement at 5pm on Thursday 14 June. We will depart at 4pm on Saturday 16 June. Enroute you may like to walk to Stevenson Falls, enjoy the shops & galleries and bless Marysville.

Bookings Close  midnight Tuesday 5th June 2018

Inquiries to Karen Wilson


General Retreat Package includes registration, accommodation & meals at El Kanah.

Day Visitor Packages (including registration and meals) are available for people who book their own accommodation elsewhere. See below.

Options for Room Pricing:

Please note these prices are per person.

Sharing: You can minimise costs by choosing to share a triple or twin room with friends or strangers of the same gender. Please name family members or friends who will share a room with you.

Private: If you  would like a private room please select a Single, Twin or Triple Room to match the number of people in your group.  Please name family members or friends who will share a room with you.

Note to Help You pay by Paypal: Adjust the number of people you are booking per room option. e.g. 2 people in a Triple Room (possibly sharing with someone else) or 2 people in a Twin Room (private option).


$355 – Total retreat package for one person sharing with 2 others in a Triple Share room pp for 2 nights. PLEASE NOTE: If you are booking as a family or as friends who plan to share a room – please include the other people’s name and whether you want a double bed plus twin, or  three twin beds.

Includes $100pp registration fee, $255pp for accommodation for two nights, six meals and morning and afternoon teas.

$385 – Total retreat package for one person sharing Twin or Double Share room pp for 2 nights. PLEASE NOTE: If you are booking as a couple or as friends who plan to share a room – please note the other person’s name and whether you want a double bed or twin beds.

Includes $100pp registration fee, $285pp for accommodation for two nights, and for six meals and morning and afternoon teas.

$525 – Total retreat package for one person booking for sole occupancy in a Single room pp for 2 nights.

Includes $100pp registration fee, $425 for accommodation for two nights and six meals and morning and afternoon teas. Single rooms may not be located in the main residential building.

$245 – Day Visitor at the Retreat (14-16 August)

Includes $100pp registration fee and $145pp for  six meals and morning and afternoon teas. This option is for people who are booking their own accommodation elsewhere.

Payment Options:
You can also pay by direct deposit or cheque.

  1. Email registration order to  Karen Wilson and pay by direct deposit to Partners in Prayer & Evangelism BSB 013403 Account No. 222372221. In your email include the names, room order and contact details for all the people you are registering.
  2. Email your registration order to Karen Wilson and post a cheque for ‘Partners in Prayer & Evangelism Ltd’ to 55 Wonga Rd Ringwood North Vic 3134. In your email include the names, room order and contact details for all the people you are registering. Ensure cheque arrives by 1/6/18

Inquiries to Karen Wilson

Please pass this invitation to others  in your prayer groups & churches!

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