Prophetic Warning from 16 October 2001 & Current Prayer Points

Our Apologies: When we received the prophetic warning (below) by  LaNora van Arsdall we understood it had been released in 2015. Truth stands the test of time – and this word still resonates with relevance, so we stand by our call to pray for our nation and the world in which we increasingly see attacks on innocent people, Christians and the Church who stand against evil.

We progressively see erosion of freedom of speech and freedom of religion in Australia and elsewhere. The word will challenge those who have been unaware of these losses and the dire consequences facing Australia. We share it because we believe Jesus is calling His Church to awaken and His watchmen and gatekeepers to arise and be as strategic as those who have been working for decades against us.  We invite you to share what God quickens to you – and we deeply value the significant responses already received. We pray that Australia’s blindfolds are removed by God’s Spirit before Australia’s 2016 Plebecite Vote on Marriage.

The word has elements  expressed in old style language and some concepts that not all will understand. To help you we have prepared notes on our understanding of applications. We have added numbering to this word to help you to follow the application and prayer points which are listed after this word.

Prophecy is the testimony of Jesus and brings our focus to Him – but prophetic words pass through human vessels and we each need to be aware of how we react and submit our emotions and interpretations to the Lord and Scripture. This word is a call to awaken and arise. It is not intended to raise fear. Nor can we respond with human effort/works.

Pause before you read this, and afterwards, to ask the Holy Spirit to give you God’s perspective. Put your focus on Jesus and your trust and faith in Jesus and surrender yourself in every part to His Lordship. Jesus is our sure foundation (Isaiah 28:16), our refuge in times of trouble (Nahum 1:6-8). Let this word quicken your confidence in Jesus’ victory and the joy of your secure identity as your Father’s child.

We have prepared application notes and prayer points and these are listed below the following word:

On 16th October 2001 this prophetic warning was given in writing to a church in Hobart, Tasmania by LaNora van Arsdall, president of FountainGate Ministries International. This is shared with her permission.

1. “Say not that I am too small or that no good thing could come from this place. For though things have been said against you – I have you as the gateway to the nation. I have positioned you to stand on the wall in the watch tower of all the earth….and yet…you have fallen asleep at your stationIt is time for my Church of Tasmania and the whole Church of Australia to awaken.

2. A great shaking is coming to this nation, a shaking of the very foundation.

Secret societies have been strategizing as you have slept. Warriors of darkness have been training for your overthrow. Assassinations of key leaders and destruction of key locations have been intricately planned under the cover of the evil one.

3.0 What will you do to break these strategies?

3.1. Rise up your captains and oil your shields, prepare for war. Awaken! Shake yourself and warn them!

3.2. Men’s souls are in the balance. This shaking will bring multitudes, multitudes to the valley of decision. This shaking will bring multitudes, multitudes to the valley of decision. If you will lay aside your personal opinions and desires and take up the call of the Holy Spirit to intercession, some of the disasters will be averted.

3.3. Even though there is a seal upon the land where demons have converged…You can establish my seal of the covenant as you cleans foundation in repentant prayer. The shields of the earth belong to the Lord!  Rally the troops to the commander of the Lords hosts! He is the Lion of the tribe of Judah.

3.4. Can you hear the war? The sounds of triumph is only in the Divine Presence. The true conflict is the one in the heavens. You must gain heaven’s perspective to win the war. Your own hearts must first be gained through unified, purified,  fire prayer.

4. Unless my people – of this land – quickly rise up, there shall be an overthrow of the freedom they have enjoyed. Say not, “It can’t happen here”. There is an underground military that is stronger than you know.

5. And soI come for My Army to awaken– put on the armor of light and overturn and overthrow with My Light in the darkness. For as surely as I live, the whole earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.

PIPES  Interpretation of this Warning and Prayer Points:

1. We, the Church are called to awaken and warn those around us. (Isaiah 60:1-Pray: Lord, we turn to you and agree you are bringing your Church to alert and enabling us to present your Word to others, in ways they can hear what the Spirit is saying.

2. There are many examples of active secret societies – free masonry, witchcraft, agendas against freedom of spech and religion underlying Human Secularism and ‘political correctness’, anti-Christian persecution etc.

To prepare us, God, by grace, is exposing of the lies and secret elements of the enemy’s schemes. He is preparing us for battle against these trained warriors of darkness; assassinations of key leaders and destruction of key locations. We can see the applicability of this warning to patterns of political assassination and security risk through terrorism but we particularly recognise its relevance to the need to stand firmly against the social engineering of secular humanism (“political correctness”) which is systematically targeting and successfully eroding Godly values, definitions, principles and freedoms underlying  our spiritual,  legal, educational, family and social life in Australia.

What is not of God will be shaken. Only what is built on Christ our foundation will remain. (1 Corinthians 3:11) “Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.” (Psalm 55:22) Read Hebrews 12. “The words “once more” indicate the removing of what can be shaken—that is, created things—so that what cannot be shaken may remain.Therefore let us be grateful for receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, and thus let us offer to God acceptable worship, with reverence and awe.” (Hebrews 12:27-28)
Pray: Lord, expose the schemes of the enemy. Open the eyes of the people of our nation Lord, to see what we need to discern so we can distinguish your way (which is truth and brings abundant life) from the enemy’s deception (which comes to accuse, kill, steal and destroy.) We trust you to free us from all that entangles us.

3.0 These are strategies given by God to enable us to resist the schemes of the enemy.

3.1 We are to call forth/encourage/honour/align under our God’s appointed leaders. We need to obtain God’s anointing on our shield of faith/put oil in our lamps. Anointing is released in times of intimacy with the Holy Spirit. We are to prepare our war weapons strategies and skills. We are to equip and prepare God’s people as an army.
Pray: Lord, open our eyes and ears, show us how to recognise and follow your leaders and how we are to prepare for this spiritual battle.

3.2 People’s souls are at risk – as multitudes face decisions. The main decision we face is about eternity and whether we will receive Jesus as our personal Saviour.

Another relevant application is the Plebiscite – when Australians will be asked to decide and vote on whether we accept Same Sex Marriage. This will probably be held in late 2016. We each need to choose whether we will dance to the opinion of others; the “politically correct” slogans of the world or rest in the completeness of Jesus’ victory. (Matthew 11:6-30) We need to surrender our opinion and desires to God’s will to avert some of the disastrous consequences that will otherwise affect Australia. This word should not be taken as a threat. It is a reminder that there are direct consequence of our choices. We are warned to interceed for others.
Pray: Lord, I confess my sin, my inadequacy and surrender my desires, opinions, understanding and decisions to you and submit with gratitude to your Lordship, Truth, Life, Way. I stand in the gap to pray that my family, the leaders and influencers, and the people of this nation will do this too.

3.3 God offers us the Way, Truth and Life – a manuel for human and environmental abundance. When we actively repent and turn to Jesus from sin (e.g. worshipping other gods; sexual sin, shedding of blood, broken covenants or ungodly covenants), demonic power in our lives, culture and local places is broken. When we together consecrate the land and laws, and align the culture of our nation under the Lordship of Jesus Christ we enjoy the seal of the covenant promise of God and abundant life.  Places and aspects at the foundation of our culture and highplaces of the land have been intentionally and unwittingly dedicated to satan and his agents. When we invite Jesus’ authority to cleanse and reign over places and spheres of influence, the spiritual atmosphere shifts and people can more easily receive Jesus. (See
Pray: Jesus, King of Kings, show me  who my prayer partners are so we can pray in agreement – with you in our midst. (Matthew 18:19-20) Lead us to physically or figuratively ‘prayer walk’ our territory/sphere of influence/societal mountain –  so we can recognise the places/aspects of light and life where you reign and the places of darkness and death where we need to invite your sovereign rule. (Luke 10:1-23)

3.4 We need God’s perspective, His understanding, His mindsets, thoughts and words so we can fulfill Jesus’ prayer and be one with Him and each other in righteousness, intimacy, communication and obedience.
Pray in the Spirit  and spend time in worship in God’s presence. Let Jesus lift you, speak to you, give you revelation, and his kingdom authority and power on earth.

4. God is warning us not to be ignorant of the many aspects of Christian freedom have already been eroded in Australia. [e.g.Special Religious Instruction in Victorian schools scrapped. For 3 relevant articles Search ‘Rob Isaachsen’ on this website.] The threat facing Australia is stronger than many have recognised. We will lose spiritual, religious, relational, commerce, economic and creative freedoms, impacting our nation and the earth for generations, unless we quickly rise up as God’s army to battle for the retention and establishment of the truth of the kingdom of Jesus. God is calling upon the people of this land – from Indigenous nations and immigrant nations to arise together!
Pray: Jesus, we choose to arise, fight and stand, in your strength, against the enemy forces which are a very real threat to our quality of life and our children’s future. We declare, the rule of Jesus is available to us, to set the people and the land free! We invite your will to be done and your kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven, so that which is true, right and pure will be establlished in every aspect of our nation. 

  1.  During our national day of prayer on Remembrance Day 11-11-15, we celebrated the glorious joy of being before the Lord in worship – our finest battle weapon! We were assured of God’s will and capacity to overturn each global scheme of the enemy. Just as Jesus used young people of the first world war to turn back the ‘Great’ War – he is properly equipping us, young and old in this generation to arise against the propaganda lies and deception of our era.
    Pray:We believe , Jesus, in your victory and power to equip us with your Light that overthrows darkness and your Life that has conqueored death. We recognise that your mighty authority and victory is in us and with us – so we can be victorious over all that is against us! Jesus, we gratefully acknowledge your resurrection power in us enabling us to live redeemed and triumphant lives. We worship you and seek that all would know you and bow to your Lordship. May the whole earth will be filled with your glory! (Psalm 72:19)

We recommend  this daily prayer for our nation (Copyright

O High King of Heaven, have mercy on our Land.
Revive your Church.
Send the Holy Spirit for the sake of the children.
May your Kingdom come to our naiton.
In Jesus’ mighty name. 

Prepared by Sue Tinworth.
We welcome your discernment and input into our prayer war strategy.


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