Discerned at the time of the National Prayer Strategy: Shift the Nations

Released on Facebook on Nov 29th 2020

Haggai 2:23 ‘’I called you and I will wear you as my signet ring’’.

Victoria, I have called you and I will display and wear you as my signet ring’, like Zerubbabel. He was carried off into captivity, taken out and endorsed, in favour by a pagan King. You will come out endorsed in Governmental authority and in power and in favour.

I saw in the spirit a turning coming, in Victoria to the agenda, the stronghold that had been warring against the family unit. These Zerubbabel like people are going to partner with modern day Nehemiahs to empower families, to build up to protect and to accomplish impossible feats in the space of extreme adversity.

Then I saw the Lord. He showed me a vision of Him picking up Victoria, as a crown and placing it on His head. This crown as filled with many jewels, glistening with light shining through them. They represented cities, towns, regional centres that were set in the mind of Christ. They have been releasing his decrees, his prayers, making prophetic intercession over the state.

And I saw the result of this, from this crown, it turned into a womb. Victoria, you will are pregnant with the plan, the promises I have spoken. You are not barren. You are pregnant. These things will come to pass.

Zerubbabel grew up in captivity and was educated in Babylon, but yet he was righteous from within. I felt the Lord show me that from within Victoria there are modern day Zerubbabels that are placed and will be placed in what may seem pagan organizations or political parties that are there strategically to spread the leaven of the Kingdom that will cause those places to empower, to under right and to endorse the plans of the Lord for this nation.

In that one prophecy, Haggai managed to return the Davidic line to Zerubbabel’s family. It was lost because of the grandfather’s wickedness but it was restored, and why, because the Father always have redemption in His eyes. So I say to Victoria, open your mouth and decree what the Lord is showing you, make your prophetic intercessions for the sound of birthing is starting to arise, that cry of victory and redemption is going to resound throughout  this land and will not stop until it has accomplished what it is set out to do, because the Lord’s word never returns void.

So Victoria, the Lord is saying He is wearing you as His ring of authority, open your mouth and make that decree because He has chosen you.

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