Monday 6 September 7-9pm (EST)

Eastern States – 7.00 pm Adelaide – 6.30 pm Darwin – 6.30 pm Perth – 5.00 pm

“On the same day, at the same time, all across this nation, I am calling forth worship, so that I can break open My desire for this nation.”
Gather together to wholeheartedly and passionately worship Jesus – in families or home groups, in churches or join with others on line. Now is the time!

In a time of deep worship at Stairway Church around 2015, I saw a vision of a funnel- a tornado shaped whirlwind, extending from where we were worshipping, into the upper atmosphere. It looked like wind swirling around in the shape of a tornado and inside of it were thunderings, lightnings and angelic beings. It reached up into the atmosphere and extending from it, a thick layer of “cloud” spread out across the sky.

I then saw other funnels forming, and knew it was worship coming from other gatherings across the nation. There were many of them. The ‘cloud’ each funnel was forming in the atmosphere, eventually came together to form one carpet of cloud across the nation in the upper atmosphere/ heavens.

It was then that a huge thunderous release of power came out of the cloud to hit the land and when it did, the land formed cracks that opened up and something was released- like something held captive was released and then followed a rapid germination of seed held in the ground- seed to a great harvest.

As I watched this, I heard the words,

“On the same day, at the same time, all across this nation, I am calling forth worship, so that I can break open My desire for this nation.” Karen Wilson, Prayer Pastor Stairway Church


“He builds his upper rooms in heaven and establishes his sky-vault over the earth. He summons the waters of the sea and pours them out over the earth. Adonai is his name.” Amos 9:6 CJB

“Synchrony – Australia Worships is set apart in a unique way where the focus is entirely and solely upon the King and Sovereign One.
It’s not a calling for us to do warfare as such, but to simply and from the heart, exalt and glorify our God. Our attention upon extolling Him, even as Karen Wilson’s vision revealed the Lord’s Body was focused upon, will transact an outcome that only Heaven can produce. We are being called, corporately, to set our affection and heart’s gaze on the goodness, greatness, majesty, splendour and glory of the King of kings and Lord of lords.” Colin Brown


Flyers & Introductory Video and Posters that can be downloaded from: Links to flyer:


SYNCHRONY – Australia Worships
is strongly supported by:

Colin and Tina Maree Brown – Outside the Camp
Tim and Karen Wilson – PRAISE House of Prayer
Sue Tinworth – Partners in Prayer and Evangelism
Glenn and Coralie Rowbotham – AHOPFAN, ELHOP Revival Ministries
Jenny Hagger – AHOPFAN Ros Curry – Prayer Call
Ps Ann Brown – Love Adelaide
Warwick Marsh – Canberra Declaration

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