The Prophetic Plan: A Word for Australia and Victoria: The Vein of Victoria

 by Roma Waterman 5 September 2021

For a week now I keep seeing a picture. As I pray for my nation, I keep seeing the map of Australia with a foot standing firmly on the portion of Victoria. I believe this is an encouraging word that the fervent prayer of the righteous is effective! (James 5:16)
Today I asked the Lord “is this your foot?” And He said “No, it’s the foot of MY PEOPLE – tell them they have a foothold in the nation, and that the people of Victoria have their foot firmly planted on the vein of Victoria”.

 I didn’t understand what that meant until the foot lifted. As it did, I saw a black vein start to spread. It began in Victoria, but eventually as the root was not cut off, that poison started to spread across all of Australia. Then I saw the foot come back and stomp on the map, and immediately that vein stopped releasing poison across the nation.

Roma Vein Word for Vic

The Lord then said, “Tell my people not to take their foot off the vein of Victoria. They must continue to have a foothold in this state”.  I’m believing this to mean we must pray against the principalities and powers that mean to destroy All people. That no weapon formed against our nation would prosper.

Let me be very clear this is about prayer and this is not about taking a side on various issues.

This is a war to be won in the spiritDon’t take your foot off the vein of Victoria! Do not be weary in well doing! Keep praying, keep being a watchman on the walls! What happens here affects the whole nation.
I’m talking about spiritual principalities and powers. We need to keep our eyes on the spirit realm which is where everything stems from.

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