Two Prophetic Words given to Frankston by Katie Barker

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Prayer & Worship becomes Harvest & Transformation. Heavenly Funnels & Earthly Tunnels Opening Spiritual Wells.

Word for Frankston – Katie Barker 28/07/2018

The Lord is calling this region to take the charge – to call forth His will. He is calling Frankston to be one of the Hubs of transformation and harvest! On the plane coming to visit with you I met the angel of Frankston – he showed me a page out of the book of Frankston and it is exactly the same page as the Book of Australia – the same wells – the same word is in your book – it was such confirmation as I saw that on the plane and today (of all days) the word I released about spiritual wells was released by Elijah list today.. as a stamp of confirmation. The Lord so wants you to know that you are one of the locations – they are the same page – He has the same plan.

Last weekend as I prayed into this weekend – I sat in my bedroom and as I started to pray and the Lion of the tribe of Judah walked straight up to me, which doesn’t happen all the time when I pray. The message of that was that Frankston has such a weighty kingdom assignment, so much on the heart of God and as I started to pray, I looked out of my window, in the natural and I saw an eagle flying in the sky and again I felt the Lord say I have a lot to say about Frankston, I have a lot to show you about Frankston! And I knew that the fact that the lion appeared to me and the eagle was there He was really saying that you have a significant assignment!

So I began to pray and the first thing I saw was again something that I have never seen before – I’ve seen whirlwinds forming around the nations but the whirlwind I saw for Frankston was very different, it was a whirlwind in the ground, so it was actually churning up the dirt. It started out really broad – like a really big circle and it got more and more and more narrow an then it started to form a tunnel and I said Lord what is this? And the Lord said their intercession is carving out – carving the dirt – carving out a shaft! And I said what is a shaft and He said to me carving out a well – their intercession is cutting out the well – it is forming the well.. and I said it links in with the well word (that I released over the nation!) and He said it is the intercession and as your prayers become more and directed they are more powerful – it is forming the shaft of the well.

Then the Lord went onto say – these are His actual words – I want to read it because I don’t want to get it wrong. The Lord says to you – you have honed your ears to the truth of My word and the voice of My spirit and I’ll just pause on that and say this delights my heart because this is the word and spirit and I believe that is exactly what the Lord is doing with the people that are pioneering the new thing – people who are strong in the word and give freedom to the spirit. This is what the Lord says about you – you have honed your ears to the truth of My word and the voice of My spirit and great discernment has been given to you to see and recognise the path that I have for you and my times and seasons.

You have been through a season of sowing and nurturing but now you are entering a season of harvest. The seeds you have sown in faith, obedience and intercession will reap a harvest of transformation. You have been positioned for this hour. You have passed through my refiner’s fire to prepare you to carry what I am entrusting to you. Your past season have prepared you for this hour – at that point I felt an encouragement – I kind of felt the heart of God for you – that you have passed through some fire – I really felt that actually – you have passed through some hard steps but the Lord was really rewarding you continued steps of obedience, your continued steps of faithfulness. It is like the Lord would say – yes but you just kept stepping – you just kept going. and you actually embraced the refining fire which is why you were able to move forward into a position where the Lord can really use you in a powerful way!

So, your past seasons have prepared you – so it wasn’t in vain, so your past seasons were used by God. And the Lord went on to say I am coming with power to move on your behalf and to move in your midst. Your obedience, faith and hunger has unlocked what I will pour forth through you. So again those steps of faith and obedience but the hunger – the hunger to be in the will of God – your heart cry to say have your will Lord in what you want to do here!

The Lord says Frankston will be seen as a hub of My glory and My transformation, many will be sent out from here to advance my Kingdom. Now at this point the Lord stopped speaking and I had a vision of Frankston – of the group, but it was a actually a fuel station and it had Frankston at the top and all these cars and so much activity – cars were coming in and I knew that represented people. People coming in, getting filled up and going out and sort of going to one pump and then going to another one to get something else and there was so much activity and the Lord said that Frankston would like a fuel station where people come in to be filled up and then sent out, trained, equipped, discipled and released. It was like this fathering and mothering of people! Nurture them and send them out to impact the region.

The Lord went on to say I am going to release ideas and strategies for transformation of the region to you that are unlike any ideas that you have had before. But as you trust in Me and step out in obedience, you will see accelerated impact in the days to come. And I felt that He was going to give you strategies that were maybe a bit stretching, a bit challenging, but your past steps of obedience have enabled you to be entrusted with it, you have shown that you have been able to steward that well.

Your intercession has opened the well but now I am releasing the water – this was the part I heard most clearly – most strongly – Like He was saying REMEMBER THIS WORD! It was like God shouted it. Where He says – YOUR INTERCESSION HAS OPENED THE WELL BUT NOW I AM RELEASING THE WATER! The spring will not run dry. You will see an acceleration into my purposes, new strategic alliances are being released to you and as you embrace them you will be given greater Kingdom impact. I am networking you with those that have the same vision and mandate for transformation, for this in my heart.

I am revisiting the region with greater Glory. My Glory will be seen but it will not be the same as the past for I am doing a new thing and I will move in a new way. I am breathing life on that which you thought was dead and when I walked in the Lord said – Look at the name! The Life stands out – the Lord is breathing life and you are going to be carriers of that life. Prophecy and call forth the destiny of the region and partner with me to see the manifestation of My promise.

Now the last thing I heard the Lord say was – Frankston has been known as a parched area – and I realised when Sue sang that song (Southwind) it actually used that word parched. But now it will be known as my place of promise, from this place will flow rivers in the desert. Now the Lord gave me Isaiah 41:18 as the verse for you – Isaiah 41:18 I will open rivers in desolate heights and fountains in the midst of the valleys; I will make the wilderness a pool of water and the dry land springs of water. So I was also given a vision of a huge stalk of wheat and I felt the Lord show me that this is what you have sown – it was above my head – this huge stalk of wheat! And then I saw angels being released to you – angels of harvest being released to you… and the Lord told me that they would be released TODAY and they would remain with you because it was a time to harvest what had been sown.

But the 2 main things in the word for Frankston was the spiritual wells – you are a location of one of the spiritual wells and the second part of being a spiritual well is that you are hub of harvest and transformation – this is what this fuel station is about – sending people out a hub of harvest. So I wanted to break down what that actually means.. So we know what the spiritual well is about really – that is about where intercession has prepared the ground and a spiritual inheritance has been sown. You are in a location where there is a great spiritual inheritance, so the Lord is calling you to call in the inheritance and to partner with Him to bring forth the spiritual well. He is calling you to continue to intercede for your region. The Hub of harvest and transformation – this was a word that I got from the Lord last year sometime and at that time the Lord said to me that I will keep revisiting this with you. I’m going to keep talking to you about these hubs! And I thought at that time that He was just going to give me an extension of the word or more detail or something but what He actually meant was that I will show you where these hubs will be! I’ll show you what they are linked to. So the Lord is saying that these hubs of harvest and transformation pioneer the new move of God. So, they partner with God in the new thing. So again they have eyes to see what He is doing, they partner with it and groups of people gathering for a purpose and that is for the sending out – again like the fuel station. The purpose is not a community centre. There is a purpose for transforming a region – there is a purpose for standing in prayer, intercede for your region. There is a purpose – call forth the destiny – you have a purpose to transform your region. Just like Luke 10 the early church model where the Lord sent people out – people are sent out as agents of transformation! They operated in their kingdom authority and they moved on the impulses of the Holy Spirit, they are given revelation and they act on it. They act on the revelation of the Holy Spirit – they are not going ahead of the Lord – that is dangerous as well – we don’t want to be delayed but we don’t want to be running ahead either!

Go on the timing of God – they are birthed and fuelled by praise and prayer. You are already doing a lot of prayer – that is big part of what you are doing – and worship and praise is a big part of what you are doing. So prayer and praise causes shaking in the spirit realm because prayer and praise are a form of warfare and they are powerful keys that we can use to see things shift. So we know that the Lord lives among the shouts of His people – the praise of His people. We know that praise moves our sight from the battle that we are in to the victory that we have in Christ. It changes out focus to Jesus. And these Hubs have people who pray and receive revelation and they use that in a specific way. And sometime the Lord will ask you to do strange things – like prophetic acts and declarations.

The presence of God in these Hubs was very weighty – it is like you have entered into a holy place. The people in the hubs are so in fellowship with the Holy Spirit that they are only being led by the Holy Spirit – it is like they are in a continual conversation with Him. You don’t even need to ask – your steps are ordered by the Lord and you are in communication, in fellowship with Him and that is what these hubs are like! Because they are sending people out and actually seeing real transformation – real things happen – then people flock to them. I believe that people are really looking for the truth now, they are really looking for the real deal – they don’t really want the talk any more – they say what do you stand for – I don’t even want to know what your doctrine is just show me who you are! Show me the love of Jesus – show me the real thing – show me the power of God – don’t just use the words. People are kind of over the words and I believe that God is over the words a bit as well. I believe he wants people to rise-up and use the power of God to transform their region but do it in love. Do it in a way that honours Him and shows the love of God as well. You have been positioned and prepared to carry the new thing, you’ve obediently stepped out from the Lord and you have gone through this time of refining.

Now the Lord is saying you are ready for harvest.. you have embraced the refining fire – many, many people ask the Lord send your fire – holy fire fall – we all want that – not many people pray – Lord send your refining fire – burn out all the dross in my life. Most of why the Lord sent me here is to say well done – He searched for people to stand on the wall and He found you. Right from the start I felt it was going to be an honour to come – it was like I was representing the Lord in a really small way to say well done and I really hope you hear the heart of God for that, because you have been taken through a season of preparation but now He is taking you to a season of harvest but it is only because you have dug the well in intercession!!

A Key: Katie Barker Frankston Life Church – February 2019

I heard the Lord say- “Be still and know that I am God. Do not fear the unknown or what lies ahead for I will surely bring to pass what I have spoken. Now is the time for you to put your trust in Me for I am not a man that I should lie. Rise up in faith for this is the hour to partner with Me to see My kingdom advance. I am looking for partnership. I am looking for those who have eyes to see My vision and the ways I am moving. Those who press in for My strategy of advancement and take steps of faith and obedience to partner with this strategy. If you will align yourselves in this way, abundant fruit will be seen and you will reap a harvest. A great repositioning, refining and renewing has occurred in preparation for what lies ahead but I am calling you to deeper surrender and an intentional time of consecration for its through consecrated vessels that My glory will be released in the days ahead. Consecration will prepare you to enter your promised land, the land I have prepared for you.

Do not look to your surroundings or situation but look only to Me. Lay aside every distraction and run the race set before you. Do not rate your success in the spirit by the standards of man for My ways are higher. I am going to move through those that are aligned with My heart and My ways, have a kingdom mindset and operate only on the leading of My Spirit. It is indeed a preparation time but it is an invitation to step into this time of preparation. Not everyone will take up the invitation for it involves laying down your own agenda and walking the higher and narrower path. It involves dying to self but great is the gain and reward for those that accept the invitation.

My eye is on this nation and the nations of this region. A heavenly trumpet is sounding to ‘prepare the way’ but few are hearing the call. I am raising up those who are releasing My call to prepare the way. I have made the destiny for this nation known but My people are not ready. I desire to see the destiny of this nation come to pass. A shifting and shaking has begun in order to bring alignment and this will increase in the days ahead. I am preparing to move in this nation and I’m calling out the faithful remnant. The faithful remnant are arising. They have been through the flames of My refining fire and they burn with My love. They are not luke warm but ignited to impact others.

I desire to pour out heavenly grain, new wine and fresh oil into My bride in Australia this year. The wine can only be poured out into a wineskin that has been prepared and renewed. The oil will be poured into those who will release it in love and who are willing to steward the greater anointing. Many have cried out for the new wine but I am looking for those who are embracing the renewing of the wineskin for the release of wine will follow the renewing. Many have called out for more oil for I am looking for those who are willing to be pressed so the oil may flow freely. Many have cried out for provision and grain but I am looking for those who on My leading sow generously into advancing My kingdom. I am looking for the complete package. Into these ones and these regions My Spirit will move with power.

The complete package is the vessel of complete surrender. The faithful ones that are arising, move to the beat of Zechariah 4:6 ‘not by might, nor by power but by My Spirit’ for this is the way My kingdom advances. It is time to advance for after awakening and arising come advancement. You have awakened to the season and hour and have arisen in your identity and authority. Now is the time to advance into the next step in your destiny and to see My kingdom plans and purposes advance. You are like exiles but I am bringing you to your promised land. I am releasing greater vision to you for all I am calling you to walk in.

I am giving you eyes to see the greater territory I am releasing you to. I am giving you regional vision for you have spiritual authority in the region. The promise is a function not a facility. I want you to look to the vision I am calling you to establish, not the walls of a building, for your jurisdiction far exceeds walls. Don’t look to the former things for I am moving in a new way. The season ahead will be your most challenging but also your most rewarding. You will need eyes to see like Caleb and Joshua in order to possess the promised land. You flow against the tide and ways of man and instead flow with My Spirit. This is why I will give you a greater voice and authority in the region. You are to call others to the path of Zechariah 4:6. As My body unites darkness will be unveiled and territory will be taken. There is power in unity and power in the united stand of My people. I am training your hands for war and your fingers for battle for there is indeed a spiritual battle over this region. Know that the battle is won in intercession. Know your jurisdiction. Know the key is always Zechariah 4:6. I am releasing a gift to you. It is the gift of hope.

I know the plans I have for you. Put your trust and hope in Me. The days of advancement and reward await you. Put the vision of all I have for you before you, press in for My strategy and you will partner with Me to see My plans established. You feel you are in a place of transition but I call it a time of preparation as you are on the threshold of the new.” Visions I had a vision where I saw the Lord giving you a golden key and it was the key to the city. It represents authority to stand for the region. I also had a vision of a map of the region and a strategic plan for advancement was outlined on the map. I felt the Lord wanted to release a strategic plan for taking territory which would particularly be done in intercession. Lastly the Lord gave me a vision of a gift box of hope and I knew He was releasing the gift of hope to the church.

Katie Barker

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