PIPES: Overflowing Blessing to our Neighbours, Regions and Nations


We are all pipes – designed to carry the sound of our Father’s voice, His light, His living water to your neighbourhood. But it’s never about the pipes.

To overflow blessing is to release Jesus’ kingdom. We have entered a global era in which God has sovereignly moved to release the fullness of Christ in us – to our world.

Vision for Blessed Communities

If we see and do what our Father is doing – our vision is to bless communities. Blessing is not just beautiful poetic words- it is our Father’s anointing and releases soaking, life giving fruitful truth into the human heart, to animals, plants, land, atmosphere and weather systems.

“In the name of our Father, I bless you today to know your deep worth in your Father’s eyes. He loves  you so much He sent His only Son to make a way for you to be reunited with Him. You were designed and redeemed to be one with God. Father desire that you live fully and forever in intimate communion with Him.”

When our Father first breathed life into us, as male and female, he blessed us and said this to us, “Be fruitful and multiply. Fill the earth and govern it.” Genesis 1:28 NLT

To bless is to fill the earth with the fullness of Christ, His anointing, His grace, the governance of His Kingdom, so all flourish with the abundant life Christ came to give us. We are to bless our communities until, “…the earth is filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord…” Habakkuk 2:14

Communities are blessed when we pipe our Father’s voice, the light of Christ, His living water to them.

A Key Prophetic Strategy right now is that gatekeepers open the gates. As gatekeepers, we cannot be silent or we may miss a divine opportunity that heaven has opened over our nation. Speak the truth publicly and open the floodgates of heaven.

1. First Command: Pipes need to be constantly connected to our source.
Jesus’ greatest commandment ensures we remain full of the glory of His goodness, loving kindness, redemptive grace, anointing, blessing, hope filled revelation. We are positioned to partner with God as we worship, listen, ask questions and obey. Worship– adorational prayer- is how we fall in love with the One who is worthy of our love. It is how we make love with God – and its very fruitful. We cannot give away what we have not received. We each need to receive our Father’s blessing on our identity and purpose and be full of our Father’s love & blessing so we can only overflow to our children, spiritual sons and daughters and neighbours.

2. Second Command: Pipes need to outflow. It’s Jesus’ second command. We love when we bless the children (young & old) in your families, neighbourhood and the streets of your community to know who they are – whose they are by introducing them to how God sees them and who He longs to be for them. Ask the Holy Spirit to move you when to speak and what to say – to someone over coffee or even to a stranger who is waiting in our vicinity. It can be as simple as saying,

“Can I encourage you? All the hope you need is available to you right now. Take a breath and say ‘Yes’ to receiving hope, joy, love and faith. You are beautiful and of great value and deeply cherished. You are here to fulfil a purpose that will satisfy you completely. You have what it takes. Is there anything you need? Peace? Healing in your body or help for a family member? Let me release this to you right now. I pray the ‘peace’ of God – His presence- to come inside you and give you rest – and insight and full restoration in your life. Do you receive that?” “Would you like to know more?”

  • You can explore our websites and get our updates on how to be “PIPES overflowing blessing to your neighbours, regions and nations.”


 How we can all engage in blessing our towns and cities

Let’s do what Jesus did- and what He asked us to do in Luke 10:2-3, “Pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest. Go; behold, I am sending you.”

  • You can all prayer walk your neighbourhood and where the Spirit leads you. It will open your eyes and heart to what our Father is doing and who He wants you to overflow His blessing to. Start with blessing your family & household, your neighbourhood and be alert to the people, land, animals, leaders etc that you are wired and positioned to bless in your spheres of influence.
  • You can all become Local Houses of Prayer – neighbours who meet to pray for their neighbourhood. http://partnersinprayer.org.au/ffald-y-brenin-resources-available-in-australia/
  • Do you understand the authority of us being the local church? A shift would come if we all walked to a local church in our neighbourhood and focussed together on God’s unique strategy for loving our neighbours in our local community. 

3. Third Command: Jesus said, A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another… all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another. John 13:34-35

Pipes need to connect with other water carriers in our local area so living water flows across our community, regions and nation. We call you to love, honour and serve each other as the family of God and as God’s ecclesia – His gatekeepers in a regional or societal sphere of influence. Collaborate with the gatekeepers to discern and fulfil God’s Vision for your Local Community or region.

  • Do you understand the power of united prayer? A shift would come if the body of Christ in a local area regularly prayed together for their local area. See: PIPES: Think Global, Act Local: Prayer for Your Local City. http://partnersinprayer.org.au/local-city-prayer-leaders/ It lists Australia’s 546 council areas – and 7 offshore territories.
  • You can connect in united prayer, worship & be a disciple who is equipped for evangelism through Global, National and Victorian Calls, Events and key ongoing groups and key links in other Australian States &  Territories – listed on PIPES’ What’s On Calendar.
  • You can gather in united prayer & worship locally and nationally through PIPES calls to days of prayer, infilling and equipping- listed on PIPES’ What’s On Calendar
  • Do you understand the impact of ongoing 24/7 prayer in a local region? A shift would come if 30 or so local churches each hosted a 24 hr day of prayer & worship once a month in a local relay that provides ongoing 24 hr prayer & worship across their region. Pastors love this because pray happens in the local church and refreshes the local church. This is a global strategy that is seeing powerful multiplication and fruitfulness. See: Whatcom Story videos: Exalting Jesus for Global Harvest. America Prays https://www.americaprays.org/

Will you partner in prayer & evangelism to awaken and bless your local area?
“I looked for someone among them who would build up the wall
and stand before me in the gap on behalf of the land…'” Ezekial 22:29-30


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