Making Disciples

Followers of Jesus do what Jesus did and said to do.

Matthew 28:18-20Then Jesus came close to them and said,
“All the authority of the universe has been given to me.
Now go in my authority and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. And teach them to faithfully follow all that I have commanded you.
And never forget that I am with you every day, even to the completion of this age.”

Here are some of the ways you can find people who will teach you to do all that Jesus asked his disciples to do.

  1. Soul Winning
  2. Stadium Evangelism Events
  3. Disciple Making Movements
  4. Multiplying Simple Groups 


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1.1 Australia For Jesus

Australia For Jesus is a growing network of Christians formed by the Holy Spirit to help the lost people of Australia and New Zealand discover who Jesus is. Using a phone tool: The Way of Life Campaign. Teams all over Australia.
Coordinator: Tony McLennan

 1.2 Stairway Church Whitehorse (Melbourne) › …



Awakening Aus crowd

2.1 Youth Alive Australia

 Our young people are the future of our nation and we believe this is a future worth living. Therefore, it is our purpose to bring a message of hope and encouragement to those in need, and then go beyond this by providing genuine support through local youth groups in helping teenagers realise their potential.

2.2 Awakening Australia

We are solely dedicated to the preaching of the gospel and proclaiming life in Jesus throughout the world. Coordinator: Ben Fitzgerald.  Sydney 2020

2.3 Jesus Loves Australia:

Sydney Gospel Campaign. Coordinator: Shane Degan



Disciple making movements tend to involve radical discipleship – lives surrendered to be Spirit -led to release the Kingdom on earth. Disciples of Jesus share the gospel and pray for people to be healed and they take the new followers of Jesus with them to do the same. When we are bringing many to Christ, it is often easier to disciple them in a ‘simple church’ wineskin – without having to integrate them through a long process of religious culture orientation.  Disciple making movements have clear teaching, equipping and releasing processes so new followers can quickly implement what they are taught and so groups/simple churches can quickly multiply to accommodate new disciples.

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3.1 Ffald-y-Brenin Wales: Local Houses of Prayer.   Prayer & evangelism in homes & neighbourhoods across the nations.

Support in Australia from PIPES:Partners In Prayer & Evangelism.

See training dates on LHOPS across Australia at Coordinator: Sue Tinworth


3.2 Four Fields

3.3 Power to Change – Campus Crusade for Christ Australia › church-movements

We mobilize generations to live like Jesus and by helping: People discover God with their friends (MyFriends) Leaders follow Jesus in building disciplemaking movements (SHIFTm2M) Disciplemakers multiply missional communities (MC²)

See training dates across Australia on Coordinator: Bill Hodgson

3.4 Praxeis

Praxeis is a passionate group of people committed to following Jesus. We are young and old, from many different races and places based in Australia and around the world. We are a missional band; part of Jesus’ church on mission, focused on making disciples who multiply.  See Locations across Australia and other nations.

3.5 Youth for Christ Australia

YFC Australia is part of Youth for Christ International, a non-profit, evangelical, inter-denominational Christian youth movement. Give life to your story!

  •  The Jesus School is an intensive teaching and equipping experience for Christian young people who have a passion to know Him and make Him known. Immerse yourself in a deep, experiential understanding of who you are in Christ and learn to express the fullness of the Gospel in your life!
  • and more…See opportunities across Australia and other nations.

3.6 Every Home for Christ 

Reaching every home, every village, every nation with the good news. Supporting outreach in Australia and other nations.  Coordinator: Dick Eastman

3.7 Peter Roenfeldt has had a global impact on disciple-making movements. His influence extends beyond his denominational roles and His Melbourne base.

Following Jesus: Disciple-making and Movement-building eBook: Peter Roennfeldt, Glenn Townend: Kindle Store.

Audio: Discipleship & Church Planting with Peter Roennfeldt | Aus … › discipleship-church-planting-with-peter-roennf…Dec 4, 2018 – Interview with Peter Roennfeldt. Peter is an author, church planter, pastor and much more. Luke caught up with him to gain some insight at the …


 37:45  Peter Roennfeldt – Discipleship Victorian Adventist… YouTube – Aug 9, 2017
 4:15 Following the Spirit: Disciple-making, Movement-building … YouTube – May 8, 2019
 1:09:44 If You Can Eat You Can Make DIsciples – Peter Roennfeldt Melbourne City Adventist… YouTube – May 18, 2019


Many of the disciple making movements have adopted simple forms of ‘church’ – gathering locally and relationally in homes etc- to minimise investing time & finance in religious activity and be freed to reach out to love their neighbours. When we meet in a missional communities we are modelling the focus of being disciple makers. It is easier to integrate new followers of Jesus into simple local  groups and they are easily reproducible.

God is providing the new wine skin of simple home groups to hide believers who are under persecution.

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Oikos exists to “Build the Kingdom of God by multiplying disciple-makers and simple church.” See Locations across Australia and other nations.


Note: We will continue to add to these lists. You are welcome to forward information on other soul winning, disciple making movements…

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